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New Warranty Instructions

  1. To create a new Warranty Request, click on the “Next” button above and enter your “Customer Information” when prompted.
  2. All fields with a red asterisk * are required fields. You will not be able to continue with the warranty process without this information.
  3. Please carefully read our terms of service and agree to them by clicking the checkbox stating, “I hereby agree to these Terms of Service.” You must agree to our Terms of Service in order to continue with the HWS process.
  4. Once your request is submitted, you will recieve a series of emails to track the progress.
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Existing Warranty Instructions

  • To track the progress of your Henry Warranty Service request, please refer to the emails sent throughout the process or call us at 866-200-2354 with your case number.

Customers Outside the U.S.

  • Please note that this online warranty service system is for customers in the United States only. International customer tickets will not be approved.

  • Canadian customers should contact the following dealer for warranty repair:

  • For repairs outside of the U.S.A. and Canada, please contact the dealer where the firearm was purchased.